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Derivative - mathematics : Solution of exercise 1
Basic level

Find the slope of a straight line graphically and, knowing the equation y = (-1/3)x + 1, compare the value of the derivative y' to the slope.

a) Slope of the straight line calculation

how calculate the derivative of a function

Slope of the line = derivate rules

b) Derivative y ' of the straight line

how to derivate a trig function

c) Reach a conclusion on the result obtained in a) and b)

The slope of the line, computed in a), is equal to the derivative of the straight line equation, computed in b). Indeed, the derivative of a linear function (general equation of a linear function : ) equals the slope of the line described by that function. In other words, the derivative of a linear function is the angular coefficient a of the function.

Calculate a derivative is the same than calculate a slope and inversely.

Derivative : exercises for basic math level