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Derivative Exercises and Answers online

Get math help online with our free math lessons and math homework on derivatives. Our free online tutorial for teaching math will be quite helpful to develop your skills in differentiation, which is the process of finding the derivative of the function f(x).

Basic math level

The basic math level has been developed for those who do not know anything about the derivatives of functions. No matter how old you are, no matter if you are in high school, in college or at the university, this math method is made to teach you quickly and easily how to calculate the derivative of a mathematical function. You will first learn how to derivate basic functions and then you will learn how to deal with more difficult and tricky functions.

Intermediate math level

The intermediate math level has been written for those who already know how to use the 18 derivative rules / derivative formulas. These exercises apply the derivatives to physics and analytic geometry.

Advanced math level

The advanced math level is NOT a level for mathematical genius. No! This advanced placement math level is made of more difficult exercises but it also contains more practical math exercises adapted to real cases of the scientific world. You will see in this advanced level exercises applied to different areas of science such as: biology, physics, medicine, industry and economy. This level will enable you to understand better the use of derivatives in the actual scientific universe.

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